Giulia's Message for Emilie, 96


Dear Emilie, death is only a way to create distance between two and more people. It happens in different ways everyday. Life is done in this way, but if you want you can feel each person you love. And I`m sure he feels you. You`re a good sister, he knows. Take care, good luck Emilie.

Yeoli's Message for Charlotte, 93


I love your story



We are really touched with your stories !!

Andrea Reis


Congratulations for everybody involved in this project. I really enjoy to read all the testimonials. My best wishes

Peggy's Message for Anna, 86


I always thought I would be rich enough if I could have fresh flowers every week. I would always imagine this HUGE bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers. Then one day years later I realized that it didn`t have to be HUGE, it could be a small bouquet -- even a single stem of flowers. Now, I`m happy and rich enough. Bless your life and your love for flowers.


China Yunnan Kunming

i m so touched for saw this website , coz those smiles on your face . so kind , so health , maybe i have no chance see you face to face , but please take my best wishes with you , i hope god treat you good , i hope you have a quality spirite life , i hope you live long long age . i hope you happy. Moon

Consuelo Fernandez's Message for Helga, 83


I love your story. Congratulations.

anand's Message for Horst, 77


your story like to me

tamil's Message for Hermann, 83


your story best

mohan's Message for Anna Luise, 90


i am impressed your story

raja's Message for Friedel, 90


your story is best

Ricardo Rugeles


only in the beauty of a life fully lived, we can discover the great secret that God has given us. we are wonderful and irreplaceable, but so alike despite our apparent differences. I just hope the time to reach an age where all my memories, happy or sad being remember with love.

Cindy's Message for Maria, 95 , Dallas, TX

Sipping a little Sherry in place of the more new age medicinal sleeping pill is a great metaphor for life. At the end of the day we deserve a treat, especially one that will help us sleep, is tasty, and is performed as a simple tradition. Each day is meant to be a celebration and Maria has the right idea.

Sissi's Message for Emilie, 96


ur story deeply moved me

Sissi's Message for Manfred, 70


I like ur story, simple, warm and true

Toni Le Busque 's Message for Ilse, 86 , UK

Your story is short, but says many things. That`s the best kind of story. All the best to you. Toni

Mahadevan's Message for Lieselotte, 90 , India

Hello Lieselotte, I had a headmaster in my school who taught me these 5 things from the Humble pencil, 25 years back. I am grateful to him and you to have reminded him. Thank You. Maha 1. The lead inside matters more than the wood outside ? so don?t get fooled by external looks. 2. Pencil leave a mark ? so leave a mark of excellence in whatever you do. 3. It has a eraser attached to it ? so learn from it and carry on 4. It needs a sharpener to write smooth ? So continuously sharpen your skills to remain relevant 5. And Finally it needs a hand to hold it ? So give a hand. Help others in need.

Mahadevan's Message for Magdalena, 90 , India

Magdalena, Flowers are among the most beautiful things God created...every petal has a story, every sepal has a history. In India the vedas say \"He who understands the flowers of water, He becomes the possessor of flowers, progeny and cattle. Moon is the flower of the water, He who knows it to be so, He becomes the possessor of flowers, progeny and cattle. He who knows the source of water, Becomes established in his Self. Good day to you Magdalena.



Try to see the bigger picture In the Quran 27:60 [More precisely], is He [not best] who created the heavens and the earth and sent down for you rain from the sky, causing to grow thereby gardens of joyful beauty which you could not [otherwise] have grown the trees thereof? Is there a deity with Allah ? [No], but they are a people who ascribe equals [to Him].

Ricky's Message for Gerhard, 64


While I read your story Gerhard I cannot help but remeber all the dogs God blessed me with throughout my life and I smile a big smile because they truely are a mans best friend. My girlfriend and I have a Boston Terrior and Jack Russell Terrior that have cleverly devised a plan to hide in her kitchen pantry while we prepare to leave...we have closed the pantry door not know those two little terrors are hiding beneath the shelves. We leave not knowing and you can only imagine what happens next!!!! Brilliant little critters but we have become wise to their schemes and tripple check every time!



This wonderful site was shared with me by my friend, Jackie (below). You are all treasures to hold, too. Schön, und inspirierende, Joe

Jackie 's Message for Friedhelm, 92


I love your posting. I can definitely relate to your selected object. My curiousity used to send me to the encyclopedias. This is much more convenient! I love coming to the internet for inspiration. While looking tonite, I found this site. Talk about inspiration!!! And a mac laptop too! How wonderful this is! Cheers, Jackie



It`s really inspiring.

Achu's Message for Christine, 72


Life is beautiful. And God has blessed you that your memories of childhood and the strenght of your mother are still with you. Love



I was born in Cologne but my parents moved to Aberdeen as I was 4 years old. So I had luck and didn`t live in Germany at the second world war. It`s very touching to read how these people had to live in this time.

Paul's Message for Egon, 77


My lucky charm is also a marble. That`s why I like the story of Egon so much.



Oh, it`s a wonderful thing.

Marianne's Message for Christine, 72


Thank you for these amazing pictures! I cried a little bit as I read the story of Christine and her apoplexy.